Navigating Mental Illness: Parents Stories

Most parents don’t know how to support their mentally ill child. You probably live day to day, often without support.

You are not alone!

Navigating Mental Illness: Parent Stories is a weekly podcast that will help you know what is possible as you move from crisis to advocacy.

Bill and Laura Nowicki bring you the stories of parents — just like you — that have lived through the toughest times and have learned about the health care and legal systems in ways that will inspire you.


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Meet Bill and Laura

 Bill: I love podcasting and listening to interesting people and their stories! I started my first podcast in 2014 and have continued to build audiences and friends through listening. I have decided the time is right to team with my fantastic girlfriend, Laura to serve the community of parents that have struggled to be heard.

Laura: I am a lifelong listener who cares deeply about helping others through their struggles. As a parent, I have found that sharing my fears and difficulties brings me an understanding that I am not alone. I want this podcast to give parents the opportunity to tell their stories, and I hope it will help build a supportive community for parents of children with mental illness.

Bill and Laura

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