About Us

About Navigating Mental Illness, Parent Stories

Bill Nowicki knew something wasn’t working with his son. Sure, he had trouble in school and had trouble sleeping, but isn’t that just a phase?


Our Goals and Vision

For too long, parents have kept quiet. No one brings you a casserole when your child has a mental illness. Your friends may ask how it is going, but can they handle the answer?

Our goals are to:

— listen to parents

— provide a platform to share stories with other parents

Our vision is to see where this journey takes us!


Who We Are

Bill Nowicki has learned a lot about listening in the last 7 years!

He has learned to set boundaries and support his son from an emotional level that would not have been possible in the beginning.

Laura Graham married Bill in June of 2023, and they have worked hard to create a supportive relationship based on listening and understanding.

They bring those skills to this podcast and are excited to see where things go…


The Future

Not sure what the future holds for the podcast. 

We hope that through weekly podcasts, Bill and Laura can start to break through the misconceptions and better advocate the needs of this underserved community.