Rosali’s daughter mental health challenges started at an early age. She was diagnosed with mental illness (high cyclic bipolar and borderline personality disorder) at age 13. After a suicide attempt, Rosali worked to get her counseling help.


In another hurdle for Rosali, Washington State age of consent is 12 for a parent to not receive medical information. So after not taking her meds and continuing to struggle, Rosali did her best to support her child.


After years of this roller coaster ride (including heroine addiction and two children) her son told her that the other siblings needed her too. 


That was her rock bottom. 


From then on, she separated herself from her daughter’s illness and drug addiction. Rosali was able to keep her marriage from collapsing (they were separated for a year) and maintain distance from her daughter’s destructive cycles.


If you struggling with mental health and suicide attempts of your child, this episode is for you. As Rosalie says, it gets better and you can have a life, even when your child may not ever become healthy.